Sunday, March 27, 2016


I'm officially retired and looking forward to this new chapter in my life!

I was given a great send-off at work.  Could it be that they were glad to see me go??

Wasn't I treated well?  I received so many gifts.  It was humbling.

There have been many moments when I have been glad that I haven't had to put on my duds and head out the door to work.  This weekend was a challenge for everyone who had to drive anywhere.  I think of my co-workers who braved the road conditions to go in...and I think of the struggle that many had, choosing to stay home.

Hubby gave me this as a retirement/birthday present.  I haven't a clue how to use it but I guess that I have lots of time to learn!

I have to admit that I feel a little confused.  There are so many jobs to be done, and so many interests I want to persue.  I am not sure where to start!

Have you any secrets you can share on how to be a retiree?!


  1. Hi there Wendy!... Congratulations! Those tributes are well-deserved based upon the contact that I have had with you on line!

    One piece of advice to consider - I don't believe that it will ever lead you astray:

    "Follow your heart - it knows where it is going"... and do the things that give you joy and happiness.

    A long... happy and fruitful retirement adventure!

    Warmest regards... and best wishes!

    1. That is great advice, Bruce, and cannot lead one astray! Thank you!

  2. so I told you. You will be very busy in retirement. Enjoy it.

    1. Thank you Red. It will be an adjustment ...and the biggest challenge is feeling like I am no longer contributing financially in the way that I was. That is only in my head, I know, as hubby keeps telling me that I've done enough.