Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Painting Plein Air!

I looked at the portrait of my grandson this morning and wondered if I should work on it, or do something different...something that I have wanted to do for a long time....Plein air painting. I chose the latter, went out and found subject matter, and came home shortly afterward. It seems that today was only productive because of what I learned NOT to do. For those who may be interested please read on.

In future I will NOT....

1. ...take a medium that I am not familiar with. Struggling with watercolour paint (which I find difficult at the best of times) in the rain...however cleaner than oils...was not a good idea. unprepared. It took me far too long to throw together a kit. I will be working on one this afternoon.

3....go out and park on a slushy, messy road that is used often by others driving at a fast clip.

4....think about everything that I MIGHT need. I will simplify and only take a few paints rather than my whole supply. What I cannot finish in the field will be finished at home.

5....take a LARGE coffee. Not only was there more to clean up when it spilled, but the are no BR facilities for aging ladies with small bladder capacities.

I did meet some of the locals...from a distance. Several that live near the abandoned home that I chose to paint, checked me out from their car, several times.

I am going out try again...from the comfort of my own backyard...using oils. If nothing else, it feels REALLY good to get out of this house after such a long winter.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Almost there....

I have finally reached a point where I can say that I am content with this little guy's facial colouring. It may not be as bold as it could have been however, it is painted as boldly as I could muster. This is the first portrait that I have attempted on my own, and I have learned a lot.

The clothing is blocked in with the first coat. The background is done! The boat has had its first coat.

I have challenged my.self to paint every one of our grandchildren. I sincerely hope that I live long enough to do so...haha!

So...this is where I am right now. I wish I could speed up this process a little, but I can only paint on my days off. Six more portraits to go!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

He's a tad pale....and man, could I use some help with this painting!

I am dragging my rear end today. I waited all week to find a day to paint, and I am dreading my trip to the easel. Why? There is always some point in a painting that I hate. I am there now. I have never had a portrait course and I am struggling getting the skin colour right. I know it's not there yet. Help!!

Anyway... Off I go. Wish me luck please!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Is It Just the Day??

I happened onto the news network this morning. I try to limit my exposure as I find the reported news to be terrible disheartening. This morning I ventured into that unfamiliar territory...lured by a picture that promised an interesting read. From there I drifted from one headline to the next until I wanted to vomit.

Do you ever wonder how many times it has been said, "What is this world coming to?"

The story that really upset me was the killing of care providers in Nigeria who were administering polio vaccines. The story reports that in Nigeria there is a fear of these vaccinations as several years ago, a group administering meningitis vaccinations administered a serum that was responsible for the deaths of many children . Who would you blame for that?

There is always somebody who profits from the sale of these, greedy corporations who care little about quality.

And then there are those...volunteer workers whose profit only by feeling as if they are making a small difference in the lives of others.

Our doctor at work is heading to Africa this summer. It could have been her I read about this morning.

Everywhere there are stories of violence....deceit....corruption...dishonesty...and crimes of unfathomable horror.

Is there a solution? I'm not sure. What I do know, is that we are in a state of unrest and discontent...and that is the beginning of change. Collectively we are saying "ENOUGH!"

I have a proposal..... Put women into every governing seat. Men have had their turn, and have botched every opportunity. Why women ? The answer is simple. What woman wants to send her son off to war? What women wants to see the extermination of 1000s of men, women and children for the sole purpose of profit? What women would choose wars and killing over peaceful negotiation? What woman would want to see her child suffer needlessly with diseases like polio...or Aids? What woman wants her child or grandchildren to inherit a planet that has been raped and beaten so badly for that the air is no longer clean....the weather is harsh and unpredictable...and our natural resources are depleted?

Not this nana. I want a different world for these little people. day...things will be better. I can only dream, hope, pray, "Imagine" and do whatever I whatever small way.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Winterlude 2013

We journeyed to Ottawa this weekend where we met up with my son, his wife and our two grandchildren. A good time was had by all!

So much work goes into preparing for this winter festival! We stayed in Gatineau, and walked to a park that was geared towards the kiddies. A huge snow hill was created and ice slides were carved into its side. I decided to watch rather than participate...this time. Actually, there were no seniors on that mountain, and that helped me to make my decision to plant my feet firmly on the snow covered ground. On all, there were three snow/ice hills in this area, with very long lineups! It was a very popular spot.

We decided to stay inside and "thaw" for the evening. A pizza was in order.

The next morning we travelled back to the Ontario side where we brunched and then visited the ice carving exhibit. Carvers from all over the world enter this exhibit. The entrants seemed less than in our visit three years ago, but the artwork was amazing!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. I'm glad to be back, however. There really is no place like home, familiarity, and routine. That in itself, is the material for another post. Till then, enjoy the pictures of Winterlude 2013!