Friday, April 25, 2014

Oh boy!  I have a new camera!  Our large camera was cumbersome and awkward to tote I have been shopping for something reasonably priced and one that did a much better job shooting macro, because I LOVE macro!!

The Canon Powershot was on sale at $116.00!  Will you look at the macro I shot!?!

I think I feel a painting coming on!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Social Media

Who in the room has not heard of Ffacebook?  Raise your hands, folks...  And how many of you do not belong to Facebook?  No hands??  Oh, wait...there's one!  Oops!  Forgot to count my own hand!  two!!

Up until February I belonged to FB.  I left when my account and my privacy was compromised.  I haven't looked back...until now.

miss the cute pics of my grand babies and hearing of the small things that are shared on a daily basis.  A fish died...a play at school....a beloved pet's death....  I miss hearing about these things.

I miss the contact with my nursing school buddies, and my work friends.  I miss my S-I-L's and their families.

I miss my BFF.

I may have had 70 or 80 friends on my friend list....or so I thought...but since leaving, I have heard from none...other than a few close family members.  This is a little surprising and a little disappointing, as after all, my friend list was long....or so I thought....

FB, it seems, creates an illusion/delusion of friendships and relationships.

I may go back one day.  I hope I don't.  It all depends on how lonely I get, actually.  For now, though, I'll  refrain.  I have more time on my hands since leaving.  I have good friends that I have made through blogging, and for the most part, I have more in common with those people than I did with 90% of the friends I had on FB.

Do you cultivate your garden of friends? Do you nurture relationships?

BTW...  Thank you to all that visit, and leave comments.  I know that I post infrequently due to work commitments....but I love it when you say hello.  I know it takes a minute to leave a comment, but your visit, and comments are really appreciated.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Looking Forward to More Days Like This....

"Papa?  What's this button for?"

"It's the horn.  Don't push it, ok?"

"I won't Papa..."

"Sorry Papa"

He's REALLY sorry....  Can you tell?