Sunday, March 13, 2016

An Early Retirement Party!

My husband is so good at making every day fun!  To countdown the number of shifts I had left to work, he hung bags of snacks, and he ceremoniously handed me one as I readied for work.  We never spoke of the number of shifts left, but we did speak of the number of sacks left!

Count the snacks....  

Two sacks left!  But that did not deter my family from celebrating my retirement this weekend...  Look at this GORGEOUS cake!!

And these beautiful flowers and balloons!

My granddaughter made me a dream catcher, and there were gifts of diaries, and sticky notes!  And this lovely cup...

The best gift of all was the presence of family.  How fortunate am I to have a loving and supportive dad, husband, children and grandchildren!

Thanks to all!  Your love, encouragement and support sustains me.


  1. Congratulations on your retirement. Your family made this event fun. Now you will be busier than ever but you will be able to say no.

  2. Thank you Red! I guess this must be the voice of experience! You ARE one busy guy!