Sunday, June 23, 2013

A little on the Topic of gardening, perfection, and waste...

Has anyone heard of Ruth Stout and her garden? Google it...please.

The lady in the film must be close to 85 years. She was still gardening...her way...when this film was made. It made me cringe with shame to hear that she hadn't shopped in a grocery store in years....and with that....I went out to my garden and threw a few potatoes that were destined for the compost or garbage....into the ground.

When we first bought our home, hubby's first purchase was a rototiller. He chopped up a thousand weeds which became a thousand more, and I seriously considered never gardening again. That thought lasted until I read an article about lasagna gardening. I layered cardboard on that messy plot and was pleased that I had few weeds last year. The garden did well too!

This year I ordered Triple Mix and paid a pretty penny for it. The weeds are back, and the garden needs a tonic.

Enter Ruth Stout and her garden. She has stopped plowing.. She mulches. She produces enough food to feed two people all year long...and she uses no chemicals.

For the past several weeks I have pleaded for a potato tower. After watching her film, I went out to my garden...dug a trench...and Ruth and I planted all the potatoes. If I get a handfull of healthy, chemical free spuds this year, I will be one happy gal.

I will be mulching with gusto this year. Thanks, Ruth, you are an inspiration!