Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Lesson in This

After a long and difficult summer at work, I am trying hard to catch up. Working far more than I wanted to was not a choice. Two nurses had left in spring to pursue their retirement. One nurse was pulled from the floor to assist the manager in her role. One of our nurses died suddenly and in expectantly.

I, like the remaining nurses, was left to "man the lifeboat.".

I declined a full-time position. I have neither the energy or ambition anymore. Having grandchildren changed my world. What spare time I have, I want to spend with them...and when they are not available, I want to paint again.

My summer passed and all garden and preserving plans fell by the wayside and as things returned to "normal" at work, I played "catch up" at home.

Yesterday I struggled to make jelly in the few hours before my shift. All was going well...four burners sending steam upward...when my grandson arrived. I was worried by his business...darting too close to the busy stove. Papa came to our rescue, and I was able to finish the job, but without the usual satisfaction, and I experienced the same dissatisfaction I felt all too often at the end of a shift this summer.

Why do we nurses expect so much of ourselves? Would it not have been better to put down my ladle and pick up my grandson?

Time passes too quickly. Every soul that I have had the privilege to care for has lamented this fact.

So this post is dedicated to my grandbabies. Nana will try to do better!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Visitor

This fellow stopped by this morning. He was bold. A few yards away my neighbor's dog ran and barked, oblivious to his arrival. Not one feather was ruffled!

It is amazing that these fellows can lift their weight and fly so gracefully!

Every day I am thankful for our home by the river!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Tiny Travels!

We have just returned from a week long camping adventure.  We shared this adventure with my dad who has just turned 91!  Together, we rented two teardrop trailers, and headed north to my SIL's home in Sault St Marie where we spent three nights.

You must google "Little Guy Trailers" or "Teardrop Trailers.". They are marvelous little campers...built for just sleeping in...a "portabed" of sorts.

Dad had his own camper, and says he slept very well.  He is a remarkable guy.  He drove part of the way, and his driving skills are still very good.

We were quite comfortable, too. Hubby is a big guy, and I can attest to the fact that he slept!

While in the Sault, we took advantage of the proximity of the border and took a day excursion to Macinaw Island.  For those who aren't aware, Macinaw is an Island where there are no motorized vehicles.  Horses and bicycles are the sole means of travel.  The air was clean and fresh!

These tiny trailers come with many options.  The ones we rented came with a two burner stove and a small sink.  These were not necessary as we had use of our host's bathroom, shower and kitchen.  A small television and DVD player can be added if desired.

We are seriously considering the purchase of one of these units next summer.  They are reasonably priced, easy to pull, and comfortable!