Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dandelion Lotion Bars

From this....

To this!

Last spring, I gathered dandelion heads from our yard.  I infused them in Sunflower oil for a month.  During this time, the oil turned to a lovely shade of yellow.  I removed the dandelion heads by straining the oil through cheese cloth.  Then, it sat...and it sat (for several months) in my refrigerator..

I m not sure if there was any harm done in leaving for this long, but I doubt it.  It was just one of those many things that had to wait.... I read the article from "The nerdy farm wife "and made these Dandelion Lotion bars!  Aren't they pretty?

The recipe is simple.

Melt one part Dandelion oil, one part beeswax, one part Shea butter in a double broiler.  I used a can which was set in an inch or so of hot water on the stove.  Cleaning up beeswax can be messy so it was easier just to recycle the tin afterward.  I added the contents of a vitamin E capsule, and a few drops of lavender.

That's it.  Easy Peary, and so good for your skin.

My only regret?  I used all of my oil and now have to wait until spring to gather more!

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