Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015!

Another Christmas has come and gone.  We welcomed six adults and seven grandchildren into our home on December the 19th.  There was much excitement...and love...in our little home!

I try to include homemade gifts every year.  I think that this is an important reminder that gifts should be given from the heart with less inclusion of commercial products.  I think that  a perfect balance was reached.

I total, I made 20 pillowcases!  Below is one, but all reflected the receiver's interest.  There were bears and deer, butterflies and birds, chef inspired, elephants and fish, and so much more!  They were a great hit!

I also knit 10 hats for the all the ladies...big and little...in our family.

My proudest accomplishment this fall, was learning how to make soap.  I gifted friends and family and this, too, was well received!  It was so well received that I will have to make more soon!

The new year is fast approaching and my wish for you is peace...good health...and happiness in the coming year!


  1. Dear Friend Wendy!... Your posts never fail to lift my spirits because they focus on things pure and simple in life.

    The transparency that you offer on your site is refreshing is so unusual in this blogging world where so many blatantly "pimp" themselves and their accomplishments.

    Your words and deeds inspire those of us who understand and share your values to keep the faith. Thank you for your gifts.

    Happy New Year... and rich continued blessings of Health... Happiness and Joy in 2016.

    Warmest regards,

    1. Thank you, Bruce! I could have written those very same words on your site!

      Retirement is fast approaching! I'll be back to visiting my blogging friends...and blogging more soon!