Thursday, March 14, 2013

Another day....another dollar.

Granddaughter, Alexia, came for a sleepover and visit with her nana and papa. we sewed pillows, tried finger knitting and cut out a doll pattern. Our last activity before heading home was a nature/spring hunt. Alexia loves evidenced by the fact that she stated several (many) times that she misses being at school this week. She drew up a spring check list before we ventured on our walk, which included things we needed to watch for.

The day was bright and sunny, but a chilly wind was blowing...a reminder that we would still see winter for a little while. We found crocuses and daffodils poking their noses through the soil. We witnessed water flowing in our channel, and ice and snow melting. We found several trees In bud. Birds were noisier. Geese were pairing, and Mergansers have returned.

The sole sighting that, for me, heralds the arrival of spring, was not witnessed, and so, Alexia and I have a challenge. We are to look for a Robin, and "report back." as soon as one or the other spots one.

I woke to a chilly home this morning. Our stove had run out of pellets. Spring seemed so far away, I thought, as my feet hit the cold floor on my way to the coffee pot. I perused my photo library while drinking said coffee, and have shared the following photos taken 2 weeks apart, through my living room window. Both bear witness to the fact, that winter IS on its way out. Thank Goodness!!!


  1. Alexia sounds like a bright spot. I think it was so clever that she made up a scavenger list before your walk together. Yes, spring is on it's way.

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    1. Rather surprising what these little people can teach us and open our eyes for things we might miss.