Sunday, March 17, 2013

An Absolutely Fabulous Day....

.....made even more special by a visit...and a farewell.

Today we said " farewell" and "till we meet again" to an absolutely fabulous lady. Doreen was not only a neighbour, but she was a friend forever.

Doreen Edith Daniels. She was mom to three, auntie to two, grandmother to two, and friend to so many.

There are those who teach their faith, those who preach their faith, there are those who only talk their faith, and then...there are those who walk their faith. Doreen was a walker. She lived her faith, and taught through example.

Doreen was also a dancer...and to borrow the words of a friend, I believe she danced from this "room" to the "next".

I know Doreen's life was difficult at times. Was her life any less difficult than ours? I think not...but unlike so many of us who count our injuries, Doreen chose to count her blessings.

Her niece reminded us, that when Doreen was asked how she was, she always answered with,
" I. Am. Absolutely. Fabulous!". Was she? I thought she was...but I know there was times when she she chose to feel that way in spite of her circumstance.

Her Funeral was lovely. The pews were filled to overflowing, and I believe that this, in itself, was a testament to the person who was Doreen. How wonderful for her family, to be able to look out onto that gathering, and know that their mom had touched so many lives. How wonderful that they could honor their mom with favorite songs sung only for those who loved her. How nice that there is a place they can lay flowers in her memory.

In her memory, I have challenged myself to see my world as a "fabulous" place, in spite of the circumstance.

Thank you, Doreen. Rest peacefully.


  1. Great post for a great friend.....warm hugs from me!

  2. Sympathy to you for the loss of your good friend. She left you with a great lifetime gift.

  3. A lovely tribute to a wonderful friend. She does look like someone who enjoyed life. Have a fabulous day, Wendy!

  4. Hi there Wendy!... Blessed are those who pass... dancing quietly... without complaint into the next plane of existence. More blessed are "We" to have known them and learned "how to dance"... while simply watching them dance joyfully!

    Her eyes and smile in the photo you posted radiate her joy!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Good Painting!... and Happy Spring!
    Warmest regards,

  5. Wonderful memorial to a lovely woman. That picture of her says it very well, too. Sending you back lots of hugs and love your new blog! :-)

  6. Thank you. She will be missed, but I guess THAT in itself, speaks volumes about the person she was....

  7. Beautiful lady! She sounds like my brother. I really need to learn from people like her. Thanks for sharing her story!