Friday, August 12, 2016

Warm summer days!

We had our two grand daughters stay with us for the week.  How lovely it was to have some young blood in this house.  Our week was filled with crafts and giggles, yoga, frog hunting and swimming!  Although our pool is out of commission right now, it became the reason to travel to the best swimming spot around, to finish our day.

The heat has been almost unbearable, but I cannot complain.  My heart goes out to those who work outside no matter the weather.  My son is a CN employee.  Can you imagine how hot a job that is?  We are surrounded by farmland, much of which is worked by our Mexican friends.  They are the hardest workers and are in the fields every day putting in long hours irregardless of the weather.  The list goes on of those who must really feel the heat right now.  I cannot complain myself as we have a small air conditioning unit which keeps us cool.  And...not 10 minutes away is this...

Stay cool!  Drink lots!

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