Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Autumn approaches!

Summer has gone by so fast!  In less than two weeks the kids will be back in school, noses buried in their books.  

I always look forward to Autumn with its brilliant colours, and cooler nights.  Fall must be approaching, as I am losing patience with my garden, and wanting to spend more time indoors.  I am digging out projects started last winter, and picking up books half read.  

I will miss the warm days of summer, and my pool!  I will miss dips in the lake.  I'll miss visits from friends and family, and sleepovers!  I've seen more of my grandchildren then I have in the past and it has been WONDERFUL!

But I'm feeling as if I want to cozy in now.  I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving.  I'm looking forward to baking again.  I'm looking forward to the familiarity of routine...rug hooking meetings....knitting and crochet gathering...and paddles along our river adorned with fallen leaves of every colour.

What is your favorite season?


  1. I think you're just looking forward to things you can do in retirement.. but yes, I like fall.