Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So long since I posted....


It is such a gorgeous fall day!  The sun is shining!   It is reasonably warm!  The leaves are turning and the geese are grouping, and flying in formation...  It is, indeed, fall.

We have had a busy week.. Dad has been "under the weather."  He is recuperating from a stay in his least favorite place, and is getting stronger every day...  Aren't you, dad?

Yesterday I headed north to visit with LIlah...Finn...and her brother Owen when he arrived home from school.  They love playing dress up so nana provided them with some more costumes.  Aren't they just the cutest little folk?


Finn just lays back and takes it all in.  He is learning...from his brother and sister...how to wrap his nana around his little finger.

I still visit my friends blogs as often as I can.  I miss the contact, and must learn to leave comment so that you know that I am still here and hanging off your every word.  

Take care!
God bless!