Monday, September 29, 2014

Good news...bad news!

Well...  It has been quite the week!  Challenges galore to say the least!

My grandson was bitten by a dog who ran at him, unprovoked.  He will be off school for a few days while he heals...  The dog is in quarantine.  Dustin won't be going too far.  "Little man" sustained a deep gouge that tore muscle.  I blame the dog owner.  That dog should never have been allowed to run.

Our own gentle natured doggie, Mocha ( who wouldn't hurt a fly) has been very ill.  We took her to our vet this evening.  It seems that she has developed cholitis!   That in itself, is good news.  We had been prepared to return home without her.  She will run a course of meds until things return to normal.  At least we have our pal home with us.

This gal has been really sick too.  I have wrestled with breathing problems since an allergy attack a week ago.  I developed a lung infection, and in spite of antibiotics and inhalers, I woke up this morning and could not get my breath.  Hubby took me to Emerg.  I'll be on Prednisone for a week...BUT...the good news is that I can breathe without difficulty.

I am really looking forward to a return to a dull and uneventful life!


  1. Sorry about all the nasty happenings in your life. I hope that your grandson will heal fast and that he will return to school soon. This must be very unsettling for him.

    I'm glad that you can breath better now. I've been fighting a bad cold that went to my lungs and I can't wait till I can breath better too.
    Wishing you, your grandson and the dog a speedy recovery.

    1. Oh Julia... I understand your discomfort! I have never been so frightened. I hope that you recover quickly! Hugs!