Saturday, July 26, 2014

A magnificent creation!

This morning, after finishing a long and difficult shift, I was thrilled to have a little change of pace and something different to talk about.  This beautiful specimen was found outside our facility....and in all my 60 + years I have never seen anything like this!

Moths are to butterflies as dandelions are to petunias.  In other words, they are not regarded as highly. I believe, after seeing this, that they have been short-changed.  There is beauty in all things.  Everywhere....  You just have to stop and look.


  1. This guy would catch your eye. Nice shot and thanks for looking up the info.

  2. There is beauty all around us Wendy in our daily lives Wendy... if only we have the eyes to not just look... but take the time to "see" and understand its magnificence!

    We are deeply blessed Thanks for sharing your discovery!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. What amazing colors and patterns on that moth! We get a different sphinx moth here at night in the summer. The caterpillar stage is the tomato hornworm and it can devastate tomato plants very quickly. We have military mosquito netting that we drop over our tomatoes at night so the sphinx moth won't lay her eggs on them.