Sunday, June 8, 2014


Has it really been three weeks since I posted?  Where does time go!?

We have been so busy lately!  Let me show you!

I attended the Annual Rug Display and Show.  Below are two of my favorite hooked pieces.

We have done several short cruises around the Bay.

Captain Mocha...

My chickens arrived!

Someone has been earning her keep!

My garden is coming along!  I planted 40 garlic plants, 18 tomatoes, beans, peppers, squash, onions and melons.  My grapes did not fare well over the winter, and we have also lost our peach trees.  (Sigh!)

This weekend was spent refilling the sandbox with new sand in preparation for a visit from Two Littles who will be staying with nana and papa while their mommy and daddy help brother Griffen make his grand entrance!   That's not all, though...  The chickens were cleaned and watered, an old metal swing was spray painted, a gift was started for a gal at work, and papa put up a new gazebo!  (Aren't the Mosquitos terrible??)

We've also had company!

It's hard to tell but the shell must be 14" across!  I won't be swimming off our dock this summer!

Life seems to move so quickly...(another sigh!).   There's always so much to do...  Hope to check in again soon!  

Take care!!

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  1. Hi there Wendy!... Thanks for the great tour and pictures! Those hooked rugs are wonderful... one in particular is "eye-popping....." ! HA HA!!! Very down east... "tongue-in-cheeky" folk art! I love it!

    Mosquitoes are terrible here as well and we have lost (too) many shrubs in the garden to that killer winter we have just experienced. All one can do is sigh... and plant some more! Good luck with your garden! Sounds delightfully full of my kind o' fare!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,