Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I really REALLY have been trying NOT to hate this winter.  I have listened to my dad hate winter FOREVER.  I haven't...up until now.  What changed??

It might be that I am feeling the cold more.  I've moved my chair to the stove where the floor is warm, but this house has many cold spots.  Our bedroom has windows that seem to breathe warm air out and cold air in.  As someone who lIkes to sleep with one hand under my face, that can present challenges when the air is frosty.  I can't sleep when...try as I might...I can't take my mind off that cold thing on my cheek. I have woken wondering if I have passed on when I realize, that that cold appendage is mine!  

Do you remember licking a cold fence post dead winter and how your tongue stuck to the metal?  We'll...I have news, folks.  It works in the same way when drool meets frozen hair.

Yes.  We do have electric baseboards in our room, and yes, I have recently caved.  I wouldn't turn the baseboards on because I did not want to heat Brechin...but I WON'T be cold.

Perhaps I am exaggerating a little.  Perhaps the November blues don't know it is December.  Perhaps once the days start getting longer I might give my attitude a shake...but (wah! wah!) it's hard spending 90% of my waking hours in darkness.  I come home from work in the dark, and I go to work when it is dark.  HOW do they do this is the far north???

Anyway, I have much to be thankful for...a husband that religiously drives me to work each and every pellet stove....indoor hobbies and thermal underwear....baseboard pellet stove.

I have to admit though....the snow is really pretty....


  1. You mean the heat escaping from our house hasn't warmed you up over there?
    Jane x

  2. Awesome snow photo. You really caught the light in the best way.
    Now would we be Canadian if we didn't complain about winter?

  3. Wow! It sounds pretty cold in your bedroom. I LOVE winter, but then again I don't do shift work. Saturday is winter solstice. Hopefully, you can find a cheering way to celebrate the festival of light.

    1. I'm going to celebrate with my children and grandchildren!