Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!!

On Dec 21st, twenty-one brave souls gathered in our 12 x 20' living room to celebrate the Proulx/Allison/Barnes Christmas!  There was much noise...much fun...and great food!  How wonderful to see my family all together!

Our family grew by one in 2013...  We welcomed a little boy into our flock in June, and next June we will welcome another grand baby bringing the count to nine!!

2013 was fraught with challenges, but less than most have to deal with, for sure.  All in all, I feel fortunate.

Below is the gang...posing (without much argument) for the compulsory family picture.  Hubby insists, and at times it is challenging to get everyone to cooperate, but I'm so glad to have these memories to look back upon.

I have been searching for a word to use as my focus in 2014.  I debated on several but I have chosen "simplify."  What does that word mean to you?  To me, "simplifying" involves "purging and prioritizing".  What will be your focus this year?

I want to thank all my blogging friends as I leave 2013 behind.  We have never met in person, but you occupy a very special place in my heart!

I also would like to thank three special people who read my blog and often comment privately.  Mary, Susan S, and dad...  I am your biggest fan!

Happy New Year everyone!  Best wishes for Good health, Happiness and a Peaceful heart in 2014!


  1. What a way to close out the year with a big family gathering and photo! It's always a pleasure to find that you have posted. Okay, I'll look for the word simplify. I think much of our life could do with some simplification. Happy New Year.

    1. Red... It is always wonderful to hear from you! All the best in 2014!

  2. Beautiful !!!...happy new year darling....love Ria...x !

    It's not what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful.......but what you have in your heart........x !

  3. Happy New Year! It sounds like you had a festive family gathering. I love that hubby insists on a group photo. It will be something to cherish. Enjoy simplifying this year. It is a worthy goal to be sure. xoxo

  4. Happy New Year, Sue! A big virtual hug is being sent your way!

  5. Sounds like such fun! A big loving family gathering is wonderful to behold! Happy New Year to you and yours my friend!