Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Work has been tough this week...physically and emotionally draining...and so, on this, my first day off, I headed north for a dose of daughter and grand babies....just what the doctor ordered!

Mandi works from home. She is a daycare provider. She is one of the most trained daycare providers that I know. She has her ECE, her BA in Child and Family Studies, and has had the intensive training necessary to work with Autistic children.

I arrived just as she was returning from a walk with five little ones nestled in the kiddie trolley. What a workout that must have been!

I can't load pictures until the end, but have a look at her cargo. Aren't they precious!!?

Tomorrow...if the weather cooperates, I am going to map out another garden plot, and lay down cardboard...the first step in lasagna gardening.

I may, too, if time permits, start another painting. What do you think of this little gal? She is older now, but just as sweet as the day this picture was taken!

Although not quite ready to retire, I can sure find fun ways to fill my days!

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  1. So who wouldn't work in early childhood education when you see these kids?