Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meet our neighbor!

Do Llamas hibernate? I haven't seen this fellow all winter! Isn't he a fine specimen? He has one character flaw... He spits! (Or so I'm told... I don't have to be told twice!)

Have I told you how much I love this time so year?? I've just ordered Triple mix for my garden, and my two beds have been prepared for its arrival.

I had had great luck with the "lasagna method" of gardening. I layer cardboard, leaves, soil, veggie mix (sometimes) and now...Triple mix! The weeds are few, and both gardens produce well.

Every year I dream of a bigger garden, but really, I am fortunate to have the gardens I have. I just need to learn to focus on what I need to grow, and what I will use. We have added four trees to our property...two pears...and two apple.

I haven't painted in a while. I guess you'd say I am in a slump of sorts. I'm keeping busy though, using up wool, making dishcloths, and ...yes...working.

So say hello to our nameless neighbor. Don't get too close though! He spits!


  1. What a sweetie.....lovely week Darling...xxx...

  2. What a beautiful looking animal (spitting aside).
    Jane x

  3. llamas get a bad rap for the spitting. However , when it does happen it's extremely gross. Gardening? we can only think about it. Soil temperatures have to warm up before much gets done.

  4. I wish I have a garden too..