Friday, January 4, 2013

Now Why didn't I Think of That?

Recently I came across an idea for a gratitude jar. I have tried to keep a gratitude journal, but often forget to enter, and the blank pages disappoint me. I love the idea of a jar where grateful thoughts are deposited all year long until the jar is again opened on New Year's Eve. Hubs is on board and already I am filling my jar with gratitude! (I may have to get a bigger jar!)

I have included YOU in the many reasons I feel grateful. Thank you for your presence in my life. Your thoughts and comments mean so much.


  1. Cool idea! Are you sure you want to have grateful thoughts about a totally random chaotic blogger?? Just checkin'

    1. I sure do!!! I'm so glad to see you back, Red!

  2. You already need a bigger jar - you have a lot to be grateful for then. Your visits to my little acre are counted as something I'm grateful for. This is a great and positive idea.