Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thanksgiving at "the cottage."

This year we entertained 21 people at Thanksgiving. As usual, it was chaotic....but given the fact that 10 of the 21 were children below the age of 9, and given the fact that it was cold and rainy, and that all of the children and one parent were inside most of the time... I would say that chaos was expected.

The meal was delicious, thanks in part to the fact that there were many donations as we asked everyone to contribute some sort of dish. It was interesting and fun!

Of course, no celebration would be complete without the infamous tractor ride!

We hope that your Thanksgiving was enjoyable! Ours never disappoints me as all the reasons I have to be thankful were present...


  1. WOW! What a stunning tree. My family did a pot luck too, Wendy. What fun indeed :-)

  2. Good Morning Wendy!... A belated "Happy Thanksgiving"... to you and all of your family! It would seem from the radiant happy smiles on these young faces shown being "tractored about"... that it was indeed happy for everyone!

    Rain and cold can never diminish the warmth of love in a family circle.

    "There is beauty all around
    When there's love at home
    Love goes sweetly fleeting by when there'd love at home..."

    Is a song that I remember well from my own childhood. We sang it as a family many many times at church... in our car as we travelled and at our beloved cottage... not far from here at Narrow's Lane Road.

    I carry that song in its fullest sense and meaning... forever in my heart. IT would seem that it might also apply to your family home!

    Happy Thanksgiving to y'all!

    Warmest regards,