Sunday, March 16, 2014

Gratitude Sunday

I am feeling pretty grateful for all the Littles in my life....for all the bigs...for the hubby who came up with this surprise....and for the best birthday EVER!!


  1. I'll bet the house is rockin' when this gang visits!

  2. Good evening Wendy!... Write in your heart... an indelible line to record my deep gratitude for your Friendship and support in my work. We share the same basic Family values and zest for life. Add to that... a spiritual core that recognizes both the Giver and the Gift... that we are blessed to enjoy!

    Rich and cointinuous blessings of Health, Happiness and Prosperity!

    Good Painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. OOPS... forgot! Me again... A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY Girl!

    1. Thank you, Bruce! The best gifts in life are the ones that leave those indelible signatures on your heart...families and friends! I AM truly blessed!

  4. My dear wife gave me all the credit for this party but my part in this effort was to make sure that Wendy was here to receive her well-wishers, and that the house was as clean and tidy as I could make it without tipping her off that there were plans afoot and that I would help to make sure the secret was kept. Our daughter, was the organizer, shopper, planner and all around heroine that made sure this was a special day for her Mom. Thank you Mandi. You're get that some of that from your Mom, but you deserve much of the credit yourself. Xox