Wednesday, January 22, 2014

To Simplify..the Journey Continues!

I chose "simplify" as my focus this year, and I feel that I am off to a fairly good start!  Ive been on a smoothie fast for the past several days, and I have had more energy than I have had in ages!  Meals are simple, and never the same.

I can't seem to duplicate a smoothie, and I am thankful for that.   I have had failures, of course.  I have learned that it is not necessary to add a sweet potato to the mix again.  It adds a bitter taste that is difficult to mask.  My husband, who usually is game to try anything, turned his nose up at that one.

I work 12 hour shifts, and have taken two containers of smoothie to work.  I never feel hungry.  I am, I feel giving my body a chance to rest and heal as digestion is made easier.  Simplify....

This past weekend we travelled to Bracebridge to care for our two grand babies so that my daughter and her husband could celebrate their anniversary.  We had such a great time with Owen and Lilah!  What is more important than family?  Simplify...

Under this pile of babies is a papa.  His lap is a great place to sit!

After seeing how organized my daughter's kitchen is, I came home and tore mine apart.  I will spare you the before picture, but below is the finished project.  Organization is one of the most important steps to simplifying!

I have taught a number of girls at work to knit, and on break time, there is much productivity!  It is so tempting to follow suit, and take on a new project, but I have resisted.  There is no shortage of unfinished projects in my craft room. a bid to reduce the load...I am taking in unfinished projects that have haunted me for far too long.  I work in a busy place, and often I don't get a break, but when I do, it is satisfying to know that I am getting closer to my goal of decluttering.

Baby bunny is my current project.  A little girl is waiting!

What are you doing to make your life a little simpler?


  1. Don't sweat the small stuff! That works. I think you have a good idea to try and keep things simple.

  2. I think staying on top of things by not procrastinating simplifies because things don't feel like they are piling up. I'm not always very good at it! lol

    You have made some great strides toward simplifying. Your cupboard looks great, and family and health are so important. At the fabric store where I worked we called unfinished projects U.F.O.s :-)

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  4. Oh Owen and Lilah are adorable and Papa sure is good at the Grandfather thing.
    I wish my cupboards were that organized:) I also have Unfinished projects I think about doing them then another idea comes up:(
    Oh I love your Bunny. B

  5. Oh my! i'm in the middle of the same thing! what a nightmare. it doesn't seem possible that one person can collect so much stuff!!! simplify indeed! already i feel better. and good luck with the fast, you have incredible resolve! and that snap with the babies is just gorgeous! would make an incredible painting. i love his hair and beard!