Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Pretty in Pink"

I just can't seem to get an accurate picture, but I am pleased with the finished product...whether or not I should be.

I put the last coat on yesterday.  She's ready to go to her "forever" home.  

The recipient is my hero.  She stood by my son when he became very ill this summer.  I know many who would have headed for the nearest exit.  I know many who do...with less excuse.  It seems that this gal took her vows seriously and I don't think this family would have remained intact without her help.

So under her tree this year will be this painting.  I am pleased that it will be appreciated...cause she is just that type of gal....


  1. It is a stunning piece of work! The recipient will be THRILLED!
    Jane x

  2. Wow, I'm very impressed with your painting. I'm sure that your hero will be thrilled to receive this beautiful painting. You have talent.

  3. Yes, she will be pleased with this painting. It's awesome.

  4. this is lovely! i'm sure she will be very very happy with this gift of beauty!

  5. BEAUTIFUL! I have goose bumps. Wendy, this is amazing. The black background looks perfect against the pink. Well done! (I see you are getting ready for Christmas. ;-)