Saturday, September 14, 2013

Happy Campers!

Hubs and I dug up our potatoes this afternoon, and I think we did very well!  The carrots are coming along but I think I'll leave them a few more permitting!

We've learned a lot...  Next year we will definitely plant spuds again..and carrots....but the biggest lesson learned is that we need to plant earlier, and condition the soil.  

How did your garden do?  What produced well?


  1. Well, the sugar snap peas and the beets were my favorites, but the squash plants are STILL outdoing themselves! I'll plant some carrots next year and hope they do as well as yours. :-)

  2. Your garden is doing a lot better than mine. I didn't plat any veggies this year for the first time in 47 years. I'm planning on planting a few veggies next years. I miss getting fresh from the garden veggies.

  3. Each year gardening is a lot of fun. Each year we learn more about gardening. To me it's one of the best summer activities there is. Each year gardening is different. I had a good year, but like You I found things to be late due to the cold spring we had.

  4. Our tomatoes rotted on the vines...but the herbs did well. The weather has been so unusual,and not good for many crops.
    Jane x

  5. Not bad at all! We're calling this year a bust and probably starting all over next spring (as in moving the whole garden). :-O