Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What we are up to.....

I haven't visited my blog lately but I continue to visit yours! I've been feeling a little bit overwhelmed since starting to work full time night shift... Time seems in such short supply. I generally do nothing but sleep on my first day off. Today is my second day off and I am claiming it as my own!

I thought I would post pictures of my not-so-tidy garden. The first photo is what I see when I step out my door in he morning... Morning Glory! My favorite!

The next photo is where our Hummingbirds like to hang out! Fuchsia! I was given two plants on Mother's Day, and have carefully tended them since. Beautiful!

The third photo is of Glass Gem corn, planted this spring. This corn is a seed I acquired through a Native Seed organization. Once dried, the corn can be ground or popped right on the cob.

Our grape vines are loaded! I think this is what excites me most!

The tomatoes and peppers are doing well. Potatoes also seem to be doing ok if you can judge by the green foliage.

The next photo is of Kale. I will be throwing a few leaves in my smoothie this morning!

Lastly, I have included a picture of the place Papa and I love to hang out most. This, by far, has been our best purchase this summer...especially appreciated when temperatures climbed to the mid 30's! We've shared with our grandchildren when they have visited, but have yet to convince Poppy that he should give it a "go".

Well.... I' m off to do a little sketching...or painting.

Do you ever take a day just for yourself? Do you find it hard to claim a day that is solely yours?


  1. Hi Wendy, your morning glory flowers are so pretty. Your vegetable garden seems to be doing well. It still has plenty of time to grow and mature.

    It must be nice to have a pool for weather like this. Enjoy...

    I can't even take a day off to myself anymore unless it was an emergency.

    Take care and stay cool.

  2. Night shifts bite! You've made good use of your time to have a garden like you have. Yes, a day for yourself is very necessary.

  3. I admire anyone who can work a night shift. I think I would need more than 1 day to sleep afterward...if I actually made it through the shift! :-) Your gardening efforts look like they were worth it. Fresh kale in smoothies is a huge payday!